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Urban Cottage Property Management

Urban Cottage Property Management has established a Real Estate Property Group in Northwest Arkansas that not only puts our clientele at the forefront of our daily work, but also allows our agents the freedom and flexibility to work at their highest level with their clients. This, in turn, makes the buying and selling journey the most streamlined process available to both tenant/landlord and agent.


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Conner Swanson, Owner/CEO

Gina Swanson, Listing Agent for Properties

After a great career in Houston, Texas as a Broker for 20+ years, we decided to relocate to Fayetteville in 2016. I opened Urban Cottage in 2017 with tremendous acceptance and support....

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We're here to strip the fear out of home buying and arm you with the confidence you need to make decisions.

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We're here to strip away the stress of selling your house and provide you with robust marketing.

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We're here to assist you in relocating to Northwest Arkansas (NWA) and make the transition easier.

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